{The Big Reveal}

Remember when I posted this on Instagram and promptly did not tell you if we are having a boy or girl, even though Chipmunk clearly knew?


Chipmunk knows_domesticbella

Yeah, that was mean of me. Sorry about that. Forgive me? Especially since we are now ready to stop teasing (Ahem. You know I did. Herehere, and here). Well, Chipmunk is ready to tell you.




So without further ado. Drum roll, please…




All those pink rose petals can only mean one thing, lovelies. Our second little munchkin is a GIRL!




To say we are excited is an understatement. We absolutely would have been excited about a boy, too. A little brother as Chipmunk’s partner in crime would be fun – and, let’s face it, cheaper. A part of me was very much hoping for another boy. But getting to experience being a mama to both a boy and a girl is its own fantastic blessing. Additionally, as the only girl in a household of five (Husband, Chipmunk, and two male dogs), I’m ready for some pink. You better believe this little girl already has some clothes and accessories in her closet. As soon as my 20 week appointment was done, we ate supper and headed to the outlets for a little pink-and-frills shopping.


At an unexpected 15 week ultrasound we were told the baby was likely a girl. (Quick interruption for a PSA: while pregnant don’t come into direct contact with a copper wire that has an electric current running through it. Just don’t do it. I also suggest not doing that on your birthday. It’s a bit of a celebratory mood killer. Husband came home from work at 8:30 PM, ready to wish me a happy birthday, only to find me crying in a huge bubble bath – away from the offending electricity. Anyway…) Of course, 15 weeks is super early and I was not confident that some extra little parts wouldn’t make an appearance. Baby Girl also kept her legs crossed throughout the ultrasound, so the little peeks she afforded the sonographer were not enough for anyone to feel confident. We held off on sharing until it could be confirmed at 20 weeks. To be honest, having that little piece of information between just Husband and I was special. Sacred even. We have become increasingly private since Chipmunk’s birth as we now fully recognize how much it can strengthen our relationship. Lessened outside noise and interference makes such a difference. Quietly dreaming and planning together over the last few months has been a gift we both treasure.


Chipmunk is still the sweetest to his “sissy.” He hugs and kisses my baby bump. One evening when we were watching a movie he rested his little hand on my tummy and left it there. Oh, be still my heart! He is practicing to be a great big brother.


These photos were a blast to take. The lighting was perfection, which made the 5:00 am wake up on a Saturday well worth it. We aren’t in a hurry to do another 7:00 am photo shoot, but I wouldn’t say no if our wonderful photographer (her Facebook page is here) suggested it again!


Baby Girl, we prayed so long and hard for you. We can hardly wait to meet you.


She will fill our lives with sunshine…and our hearts with love.



{21 Weeks}

How far along: 21 weeks!

Our 5:00 AM wake up for reveal photos. The final product is coming soon!

Our 5:00 AM wake up for reveal photos. The final product is coming soon!


Total weight gain: No idea. To prevent obsessing over it, I’ve asked my doctor not to give me specific numbers unless he becomes concerned with my weight gain. So far, so good.

Maternity clothes: The non-maternity “fat” jeans are still going strong, but anytime I decide to wear regular work slacks the belly band has to accompany them. There’s no reason for buttons to be popping off in the middle of the day just because I tried to squeeze into them. Mostly I wear maternity pants and dresses to work now.

Stretch marks: No new ones that I have found. Only Chipmunk’s stretch marks. Let’s keep it that way, k? K.

Sleep: I’m sleeping much better, albeit not enough. That’s working motherhood for you, though. No complaints here. I’m blessed to be gainfully employed with a beautiful son and wonderful husband.

Best moment of this week: Receiving our photo proofs. You guys. I cried. I cried buckets. Becca captured our joy and very essence perfectly. My little boy is getting so big. He looks like such a big boy with his gelled hair and pea coat.

Miss anything: I’m still missing cold cut sandwiches. My boys are enjoying them for me – with my blessing.

Movement: Wonderfully constant. This is my favorite part of pregnancy and I cannot wait until Chipmunk finally feels it. However, if this little one keeps using my kidney as a punching bag, things are going to get rough by the end.

Food cravings: Chinese food. And Frontroom Pizza.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. I’m feeling pretty good right now.

Have you started to show yet: Definitely.

Gender: Just a few more days and we will share! I submitted our photo order immediately prior to writing this post and our photographer is working on them.

Labor signs: None. Thank goodness.

Belly button in or out: Still an innie!

Wedding rings on or off: On with room to spare, although they are a bit tighter than last week. I ordered fake rings to wear whenever these ones no longer fit. Big, fake bling. The set is ridiculously ostentatious, but why not mix it up a bit?

Happy or moody most of the time: I have been pretty happy. Still weepy and a bit emotional, but usually not in a negative way.

Looking forward to: Revealing whether Baby is a boy or girl! That some of you are so excited to find out has me excited to share. Some of you have shown so much love and I thank you for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And with that, I am going to go paint a few more walls and then get some sleep. I should probably check on Chipmunk and make sure he did not fall asleep with his little camping lamp still shining. Sweet dreams, lovelies!



{Fab Finds Friday}

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? We have a lot of fun planned over the next few days, so we are more than ready.

The ozone layer shows signs of recovery.

Is it bad that I relate to this comic strip so darned often?


Bossy Betty does it again. Love her writing.

Does having a child help or hurt your career?

This cheap and easy DIY granite cleaner is wonderful. We have used it since we moved and it’s time to whip up another batch.


Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!



{20 Weeks}

I officially hit the 20 week mark! Other moms warned me the second pregnancy would go by quickly and they weren’t kidding. Wowza! For the first half I was very private about the details of this little one. To a certain extent, I still am. But just for kicks, I’m going to start doing weekly updates. It will be fun to have these details someday. Since I’ve been in my pajamas pretty much since walking in the door after work today, there is no 20 week bump pic. Hopefully this 18 week bump will do!

18 week baby bump_domestic bella

How far along: 20 weeks!

Total weight gain: No clue. But I’m still wearing my regular “fat” jeans. Now that Baby has decided to hang out a bit higher, I can even button them again. The belly band hasn’t been used in a few weeks. This has caught me off guard completely because with Chipmunk my hips popped and I was out of regular jeans well before the end of the first trimester. The “fat” jeans quickly followed.

Maternity clothes: My work slacks are of the maternity variety – love that comfy panel! I’m still wearing some non-maternity shirts, but I have mostly transitioned to ones that allow the bump to breathe a bit. Also, flats are a constant. I only wear my stilettos once or twice a week – and my back thanks me.

Stretch marks: No new ones. The stretch marks from Chipmunk have become more obvious as everything grows, though.

Sleep: Bahahahaha. Sleep? With a full-time job and toddler to shuffle? Well, one can dream of such things. Tonight was one of those nights where I walked in the door after work and wished I could go straight to bed. With Husband headed off to work and an insane toddler who was randomly into every thing, that clearly did not happen. There is a chance that Chipmunk and I both had an early bedtime tonight.

Best moment of this week: Confirming Baby’s gender. We have known for several weeks but waited until 20 weeks to confirm it. For now we are holding the results close.

Miss anything: Cold cut sandwiches. Oooooh man. I missed them like crazy with Chipmunk, too. It will be my first meal request once we’ve met Baby. Husband knows I’m not waiting two days after giving birth for a good sandwich this time.

Movement: SO much movement. As crazy as it sounds, I felt the first few thumps in week 12. It gradually increased but has not been consistent until the last few days. Those first weeks of movement drive me crazy because I will feel the baby a few times daily. Then Baby moves to another position and I won’t feel anything again for a day or two. This consistent movement is wonderful! Husband has even felt Baby a little bit.

Food cravings: Nothing lately, but OMG. Mashed potatoes and gravy. I craved them for three weeks straight. It didn’t matter how many I ate. It didn’t matter if they were creamy or lumpy. There were never enough. I started making huge batches so I would have leftovers. Husband only made the mistake once of snidely asking, after I had reheated a very large container and was eating it by myself, if I was going to save some for him. Sorry, Husband. With Chipmunk I only had one real craving incident and it was quickly rectified. This mashed potato thing was entirely new territory.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Fortunately that has passed! Baby was very rough on me the first trimester and the sickness held on through week 14. It’s wonderful to feel good again and remember what I love about being pregnant. (Note: the first trimester definitely is not what I love about being pregnant. In this house we call it the “Why Would Anyone Intentionally Do This Again?” trimester.)

Have you started to show yet: Yeppers!

Gender: Stay tuned. We will share eventually!

Labor signs: Nada.

Belly button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On and still loose.

Happy or moody most of the time: This week I have been super tired and cranky. For the most part I’ve been happy this pregnancy, albeit weepy. Who cries at the end of Cars or through almost all of the second Planes movie? This girl right here.

Looking forward to: Gender reveal photos and taking Chipmunk to see Thomas the Train this weekend!


Alrighty. That is all for tonight. Now I am off to bed so I can get up early and clean the house before the sitter arrives. Cleaning for the sitter on Wednesday night/Thursday morning is routine for me but seriously, today I walked in the door and wanted to run out crying. It looks like a tornado went through. Sometimes a maid sounds awfully nice.



{Three Things}

First things first: for those who haven’t seen on Instagram, we are expecting our second child in January! We could not be more excited! The first trimester and beginning of the second were pretty rough on us. Now that the sickness and other stuff have subsided, I’m remembering all the things I love about being pregnant. It also means my nesting is in full swing. Poor Husband – I am a full pregnancy nester. We are currently painting the interior of the house, my baby notebook is organized, and lists are prevalent. baby notebook  The baby notebook – in progress.

We aren’t having anyone around for at least the first week as we adjust to being a family of four. After a few weeks Husband will go back to work. At that point it will be important for me to have things in order for survival. Below are three things that will make those first months easier:

Groceries. This time I will have groceries delivered. The last house was too far away from a grocery store for delivery, but fortunately this one is within range. We got into a horrible cycle of Husband bringing fast food home or just skipping meals because I could not find the time or energy to grocery shop, cook, or eat. With a preschooler around (and the desire to manage the food fund a bit better), that just won’t cut it. Thank you, modern conveniences.

Meal Prep. In addition to having groceries delivered to our front step, I plan to have our deep freeze fully stocked with prepared meals. Since Chipmunk surprised us at 37 weeks and I only got breakfast burritos prepared before his arrival, I plan to get everything together at 35 or 36 weeks. Taking out all the prep work will make it much easier to cook and feed the family with a little one demanding our time. Pinterest has some great meal ideas to consider.

Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. Last time I would have really appreciated someone cleaning my house once every week or two. I would have cleaned less and slept more. It was not in the budget then and I’m not sure that it will be this time. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can get help in that area. Sleep will be even more precious this time around, which means I’ll likely have to accept a messy house for a while – with or without cleaning assistance.

What helped you survive those first months, mamas?



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